I'm a Software Engineer from Colombia currently living in New York, USA, all my knowledge has been developed empirically and now I'm studying physics and maths in college.

My knowledge is focused on user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX), also the development of web sites and applications in HTML, CSS, Javascript, currently focusing on ReactJS with Graphql, Redux and Apollo.

My experience has been as a systems technician at first, then as a Web Designer and Frontend Developer in the multinational DDB and as a Frontend leader in a startup called ComparaMejor. Currently I'm part of the Engineering team at a Big Company from USA. I'm part of the Google's product expert program since 2011 which has allowed me to get to know many countries and experience the Googler culture from within, with its processes, methodologies and offices in several countries.

I love travelling, music, technology, design, programming, languages (I speak fluent English and I am learning French) and getting out of my comfort zone whenever I can as it seems to me the best way to achieve great things.